Committee Information

Please Note: This information is for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Residents only. Phase 3 residents, if you have any questions or concerns please contact April at

Events Committee

The Special Events Committee is for any special events that we will be having around the community. If you have any suggestions, please email the committee.




Leasing Committee

If you have any concerns that there are more than 4 unrelated people living in any one rental property, please contact the Leasing Committee. The Leasing committee will work directly with the county to ensure that all households are adhearing to county ordinances. The Leasing Committee also cannot get involved in neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, nor landlord-to-renter disputes.




Safety Committee


The Safety Committee has two roles:

  1. They will work with Orange County Traffic Engineering to make our community safer. They will arrange for the county to do the necessary speed studies and will try to lower the maximum speed limits. They would like to hear from the community regarding any issues with excessive parking, or any need for speed bumps or stop signs.
  2. They will work with OCSO to create a neighborhood watch. If you’re interested in joining this committee, please contact them as well.




NOTE: The Safety Committee cannot help with cars parked on grass, cars parked in front of driveways, and cars parked in front of the mailboxes during delivery hours. For those issues, you can call the Orange county sheriffs office non-emergency number 407-836-4357.


For any criminal issues, please call 911.