When are HOA Assessments due and how do I pay?

HOA Assessments are Due on January 1 and July 1. You can pay your HOA Assessments using the Coupon book that was mailed to you or Click the link below to Pay Online.


There are a lot of speeders. Can’t the HOA just add speedbumps?

The roads in our neighborhood are county-owned, so the HOA cannot modify them. The HOA has appointed a Traffic and Safety Committee that will work with the county to try to solve this complex issue.  Speed bumps must be approved by more than half of the homeowners of that street, and those same homeowners would be responsible for paying for the cost of the speed bumps.

Too many people are parking on the street, parking on the grass, etc. What can be done?

Since the roads are county owned, street parking is allowed. Vehicles must be parked within county guidelines, or risk facing ticketing from Orange County Sheriff. The guidelines can be viewed at http://www.ocso.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=nQwOdgGQd2A%3D&tabid=147. The Traffic and Safety Committee is also working with the county to improve signage and enforcement, but the members need the help of other residents.  Please contact them at WTSafetyCommittee@gmail.com to volunteer for this committee.

I noticed that we have a new security team. Instead of spending all that money, why can't we just gate our community or start a Community Watch?

Since the roads are county-owned, we are not allowed to place gates at our entrances.  Even if we were to take ownership of the roads and convert Waterford Trails into a gated community, it would mean that the HOA would be responsible for all of the road repairs and for the streetlights.  We would be forced to expand all three entrances along Avalon Park Boulevard in order to fit two-way gates.  We would also be responsible for all gate repairs.  All of this would raise the HOA dues substantially.  In order to start a neighborhood watch, we need volunteers.  You can contact the safety committee at  WTSafetyCommittee@gmail.com

I got a violation letter! Why didn’t my neighbor get one? That house is way worse than mine!

The HOA sends out friendly reminders for most common violations. Each situation is different, so feel free to contact April Kaiser at AKaiser@lelandmanagement.com with any concerns. To avoid being sent a violation letter in the future, please familiarize yourself with the HOA bylaws by visiting http://waterfordtrailshoa.com/community-documents/.

To report any infractions, you can do so anonymously by visiting http://www.waterfordtrailshoa.com/report-hoa-infraction/

Why can’t we get the board members to fix the rules? Something needs to change!

Changes to the bylaws can only happen during board meetings if a majority of owners are present. Attendance has historically been very low and meeting quorum has not been met, therefore bylaw changes have not been made.

I saw some people doing donuts on the grassy area by the back entrance. Can’t the HOA do something?

This is an ongoing problem. The HOA is aware, and investigating possible solutions such as fences or barriers. If you see someone in the act please call the Sheriff’s department.

A bunch of people are renting the house next to me. The parties don’t stop! Can’t the association do something?

There is no provision in the by-laws to limit the amount of tenants, only the length of a lease. There is, however, a county ordinance that limits the amount of renters to a maximum of 4 unrelated adults. The HOA has appointed a Leasing Committee to coordinate violations with the county. Please contact the Leasing Committee at WTLeasingCommittee@gmail.com to report any overcrowded homes.

The new garbage containers that the county is forcing us to use are too big for my garage. Can't I just leave them in front of the garage or on the side of the house?

Garbage and Recycling collection day for Waterford Trails is Tuesday. Garbage containers must NOT be visible from the street when stored. They must be stored out of sight either in the garage or behind an approved ARB structure.  If you wish to build a structure to hide the containers you will need to fill out the ARB Form found at http://www.waterfordtrailshoa.com/community-documents/.

Why don’t we have lights and nice landscaping at the entrances like all of the other communities along Avalon Park Boulevard?

The original plans drawn up by the builder didn’t include electricity or water hookups, so lights and decorative landscaping cannot be added. The board has faced numerous hurdles in getting this approved by the county, but remain hopeful that this project will happen in the future.

I see a streetlight out, when is it going to be fixed?

The streetlights are maintained by Duke Energy. To request a streetlight repair log into your Duke Energy account or click here: https://www.progress-energy.com/florida/home/storms-outages/streetlightrepair.page?

How do I fill out an ARB request?

Download and fill out the form here:  http://waterfordtrailshoa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ARB_Application_Form.pdf Instructions on how to submit are on the form.